Mercedes-Benz Vaneo MPV Van available at Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, US Top Mercedes-Benz Dealer Exporter

 The Mercedes-Benz Vaneo is a 5-door multi-purpose vehicle that could be fitted with up to seven seats. It was created using the basic mechanicals from the first generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class. It was not, as the name 'Vaneo' suggested, based on any kind of van, unlike other multi-purpose vehicles Mercedes-Benz made at the time, such as the V-Class. Being based on the A-Class meant the Vaneo was strictly front-wheel-drive and limited to four-cylinder engines.

Sales of the Vaneo were fair, but Mercedes was revamping its entire range to improve quality and it led to the model being discontinued after just three years on sale. Mercedes-Benz will replace the Vaneo with its own version of the Renault Kangoo starting in 2012 as part of a broader alliance with the French maker.

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