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Information about Mexico

Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to MexicoSituated south of the United States on the North American continent, Mexico has an area of 1,972,550 sq km (761,606 sq mi), including many uninhabited islands off the E and W coasts, which have a combined area of 5,073 sq km (1,959 sq mi). Comparatively, the area occupied by Mexico is slightly less than three times the size of the state of Texas. Mexico extends about 3,200 km (2,000 mi) SSE–NNW and 1,060 km (660 mi) ENE–WSW. Bordered on the N by the US, on the E by the Gulf of Mexico (including the Bay of Campeche), the Caribbean Sea, Belize, and Guatemala and on the S and W by the Pacific Ocean, Mexico has a total land boundary length of 4,353 km (2,704 mi) and a coastline of 9,330 km (5,797 mi).

People of Mexico love their cars

Folks in Mexico love their cars, 4x4 pickup trucks, 4x4 SUVs. They want them to be of highest quality but are always on the look out for Mexico Cars For Sale and Mexico 4x4 Pick-up trucks for sale and Mexico SUV for sale. Most buyers will buy in the local market as they can touch and feel the vehicle and have it right away if they like a particular car or pickup. Many dealers in Mexico offer cars, luxury cars, pickup truck or SUVs on sale so there is always a car to be found in a person’s budget.

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