2012 New Model Ford Ranger 4x4 Pickup truck and 2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrax


2012 Ford Ranger 2200 cc and 3200 cc now available in Single Extra Open and Double Cab at Thaialnd top pickup truck dealer JimThe new 2012 Ford Ranger is a thing of beauty It has been designed and developed in Australia as a part of its One Ford Strategy which is reminscent of Toyota Hilux IMV strategy.

First thing you will notice is  how big the new 2012 Ford Ranger is, it is almost as big as the legendary lower range Ford F-150. Though the new Ford Ranger is about six inches narrower than the F-150, it's within just two or three inches in length of the F-150. It is not clumsy big but bold and handsome big. Prior to the release of 2012 Ranger, Nissan Navara was the biggest pickup truck at 5,230X1,850 mm but at 5,359X1,850mm Ranger Double Cab is now the biggest pickup truck around. This results in not only more knee clearance and leg room for the rear passenger but also easier access through the larger rear door.

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