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Information about Philippines

Thailand top new and used car 4x4 vigo triton exporter to PhilippinesThe Republic of the Philippines consists of an archipelago of 7,107 islands situated SE of mainland Asia and separated from it by the South China Sea. The total land area is approximately 300,000 sq km (115,831 sq mi), 67% of which is contained within the two largest islands: Luzon, 108,171 sq km (41,765 sq mi) and Mindanao, 99,078 sq km (38,9254 sq mi). Other large islands include Samar, Negros, Palawan, Panay, Mindoro, Leyte, Cebu, Bohol, and Masbate. Comparatively, the area occupied by the Philippines is slightly larger than the state of Arizona. The Philippines' length is 1,851 km (1,150 mi) SSE-NNW, and its width is 1,062 km (660 mi) ENE-WSW.

People of Philippines love their cars

Folks in Philippines love their cars, 4x4 pickup trucks, 4x4 SUVs. They want them to be of highest quality but are always on the look out for Philippines Cars For Sale and Philippines 4x4 Pick-up trucks for sale and Philippines SUV for sale. Most buyers will buy in the local market as they can touch and feel the vehicle and have it right away if they like a particular car or pickup. Many dealers in Philippines offer cars, luxury cars, pickup truck or SUVs on sale so there is always a car to be found in a person’s budget.

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Who can import Vehicles into the Philippines

Anyone can import vehicles that have never been registered (brand-new). The importation of used vehicles is banned for everyone except:

  • A returning Filipino or a former Filipino citizen who has stayed abroad for more than a year. -or-
  • An immigrant to the Philippines (shall be at least a holder of a 13G Visa duly issued by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation).


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How much it will cost to import a car into the Philippines

For both new and used vehicles being imported:

  • Customs Duty: 40%
  • VAT: 10%
  • Ad Valorem Tax: 15% to 100% depending on Engine Displacement (Size)
  • Arrastre Fees (charged by private companies)
  • Wharfage (Storage) Fees to the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA)

Rates are based on a vehicle's book value, not how much you paid for it.