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Here are specfications specs of Toyota FJ Cruiser. It comes in three models: Toyota FJ Cruiser Mid-Range 4000 cc 5 Auto, Toyota FJ Cruiser Top Range and Toyota FJ Cruiser Stealth.

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Toyota FJ Cruiser Features Available at Dubai United States Australia New Zealand top Toyota Dealer Exporter Jim Autos

Here are features of Left hand Drive Toyota FJ Cruiser from our Dubai office. Our Unites States office can also supply you Left Hand Drive US spec FJ Cruiser in new and used.

I. Toyota Performance: Experience the glory of great outdoors.

The FJ Cruiser has a muscular 4.0L, 270hp, V6 engine coupled with advanced 5-speed automatic transmission and differential lock (FJ Cruiser SE), which deliver a powerful and responsive drive off-road, and smooth acceleration on the road.

5-speed Automatic and Manual Transmission

FJ Cruiser has a 5-speed automatic transmission with gated shift and low range gear selections. Its part time 4x4 system is designed to easily cope with the demands of on-road as well as the off-road driving you love. When all four wheels aren't engaged, and the going isn't as tough, your vehicle uses less fuel, meaning you can enjoy greater fuel economy. Then when you head off-road, or in slippery conditions, 4WD is there ready to be activated, on demand

Cruise Control

When you're used to off-roading, highway driving seems very straightforward, so on long stretches, you want the comfort of just being able to cruise. Allowing you to set the speed for a smooth ride, cruise control is an important feature of FJ Cruiser’s on-road technology

17” Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels add to FJ Cruiser's rugged looks and provide better performance, delivering improved steering feel, and greater braking response. All Toyota alloy wheels are comprehensively tested to ensure precision fit, performance and durability

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