Toyota Land Cruiser 70 at Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, UK and US Top Toyota Exporter Dealer

Toyota has released Toyota Landcruiser 70 Compact SUV i in four configurations: Land Cruiser 78 Troop Carrier, Land Cruiser 79 Pickup Truck, Land Cruiser 76 Station Wagon and Landcruiser 71. These are all long wheel base models.

It is available in New Zealand in Right Hand Drive in the following configurations:

RHD Landcruiser Models Jim New Zealand
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Pickup Base Single Cab & Chassis 4.5 L V8 Man w/o HCP VDJ79R (LC79)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 LX Pickup Single Cab & Chassis 4.5 L V8 w/o HCP Manual VDJ79R (LC79)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Hardtop 3dr Troop Carrier 4.5L V8 Manual VDJ78R (LC78)
Toyota Landcruiser 70 Station Wagon LX Turbo 5dr SUV 4.5L V8 w/o HCP Manual VDJ76R  (LC76) 

It is available at Jim Autos Australia in Right Hand Drive in following configurations:

2012 RHD Land cruiser 70 Jim Autos Australia
Toyota Landcruiser 79 Pick up Workmate Manual
Toyota Landcruiser 78 Hardtop 3 dr Workmate Manual
Toyota Landcruiser 76 Hardtop 5dr Workmate Manual

 L.and Cruiser 70 in Dubai has the following configurations:

LHD Toyota Landcruiser 70 Models at Jim Autos Dubai
Toyota Landcruiser 76 4.2 L Diesel LX 10 with over fenders and winch
Landcruiser 78 4.2L Diesel P/ Carrier 13 Seater Hardtop 2011 White HZJ78L – RJMRSV
2011 Landcruiser 79 4.2 Diesel Pick Up STD AC + DT 2011 w/ Snorkel White HZJ79 – TJMRSV
2011 2012 Landcruiser 79 4.0 V6 Petrol Pick Up LX AC DT (Power Options)
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Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LC79 RHD in Australia, new Zealand and Left Hand Drive in Dubai at Jim Autos

Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Truck is our best selling pickup truck and best selling Toyota Land Cruiser model from Jim Autos Dubai in LHD. Landcruiser Pickup LC79 is also available in Right Hand Drive RHD at Jim Autos New Zealand and Jim Autos Australia. LC79 in Australia is Workmate model with Manual transmission, In New Zealand Land Cruiser 79 is a VDJ-79R model and is available as Base Cab and Chassis and high-end LX Cab and Chassis. NZ LC can be further enhanced with HCP Package. Both model are manual transmission. In Dubai Left Hand Drive LC79 is a HZJ-79 model with 4200 cc engine while Oceania models are 4500 cc.

Driving beyond all expectations, from desert heat to the South Pole, in the most severe off-road conditions, Land Cruiser has earned its title as king of 4WDs, its performance and reliability legendary. It began in Japan in 1951 with the tough Toyota BJ prototype. The name Land Cruiser was adopted in 1954 and the following year saw the 20 series, whose ruggedness drove export sales. In the 1960s, the 40 series models made Land Cruiser’s reputation unassailable.

An F-type engine and other enhancements dramatically improved high speed and off road performance. Land Cruiser became renowned for utility wherever it was driven and today’s models are heirs to the legendary 40 series, demonstrating the same strengths, durability, reliability and endurance, with added comfort and superior handling making it the number one choice of utility vehicle. Today, Land Cruiser’s superior functionality comes as standard, along with exciting, sophisticated design features; with the new Land Cruiser 70s, a new legend is born.

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Toyota Landcruiser 70 LC78 Troop Carrier LHD Dubai LanD Cruiser 78 Australia NZ

The new Land Cruiser 78 Wagon, has never-say-die build quality of all the Land Cruisers and LC78 application as troop carrier, personnel carrier, mobile hospital and overland vehicle. With its monstrous 4x4 capabilty LC78 Troop Carrier can tackle any challenge that is thrown its way and is equally comfortable on highway, safari, mines and deserts. LC78 Troop Carrier version is perfect to carry troops as well as staff from toughest of terrains to smoothest of roads.

Here are LC78 Dubai Troop Carrier specs:


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Toyota Landcruiser 70 LC76 Station wagon at AUstralia New Zealand Dubai Top Landcruiser Dealer

Land Cruiser has earned an enviable reputation for versatility, ruggedness and dependability. No matter what terrain you throw it in: forest, mines, farms, deserts or outback, it is a glutton for punishment and keeps coming back for me. With its monstrous 4x4 capabilty LC76 Station Wagon can tackle any challenge that is thrown its way and is equally comfortable on highway, safari, mines and deserts. LC76 Wagon is perfect to carry troops as well as staff from toughest of terrains to smoothest of roads. 

Land Cruiser LC76 Wagon's front bumper and plastic fender flares are painted in grey, with chrome-finish inlays on the front bumper. The rear bumper is made of chrome-plated steel, and incorporates an aluminium step in the centre.

Alloy sidesteps are factory fitment, and a pair of foglights are fixed to the front bumper. The rear doors are split 60/40, and the spare wheel is carried on the larger door.

For the GXL, 16x7-inch alloys are the standard wheel and wear 265/70R16 Dunlop Grandtreks.

Here are LC76 Wagon Dubai specs:


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