Used Isuzu MU-7

2009 2010 2011 Isuzu MU7 Platinum now for sale at Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and UK's top 4x4 pickup 4x4 SUV dealer of Isuzu MU7, Isuzu Dmax

Used Isuzu MU7 SUV 2009 2010 2011 and Isuzu Dmax Platinum 2005 to 2012 in 2500 cc and 3000 cc  are available for immediate shipment at Thailand's top 4x4 pickup and SUV exporter, dealer and exporter Jim Autos Thailand. Here is a press release of release of Isuzu MU7 and Isuzu Dmax Platinum Series 2009 model. 2009 model Isuzu Dmax is now available at Jim Autos Thailand. Some details of Isuzu Platinum are here. 2009 Isuzu Dmax is a high-performing 4x4 pickup available now at Thailand's top 4x4 pickup and SUV dealer ,importer and exporter Jim Autos Thailand. Click here for detailed model by model as well as bird-eye view of overall MU7 specifications.

Isuzu MU-7 is a high-performing SUV thanks to third-generation CRDi performance and fuel economy in i-TEQ engine. The 4JJ1 engine's Variable Swirl System provide ideal air/fuel system mix and efficient combustion. The melt-in liner makes for a long-lasting and more durable engine block. Both its manual and auto tranmissions are superb. The Flex Ride Move Suspension system allows excellent riding comfort while ABS, EBD provide safety, Its reverse camera provides safety while backing up the vehicle. Dual SRS airbags provide protection. On the fly one button switch to 4WD allows one to switch to 4x4 quickly.

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2009 2010 2011 used & New Isuzu MU7 and Dmax on sale at Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England UK top 4x4 SuV Dealer

Used 2009 model Isuzu MU-7 SUV and Dmax pickup trucks are now available at Thailand, Dubai, Australia, Singapore and England United Kingdom top 4x4 pickup and SUV exporter Jim Autos . You can also contact us for used 2008 2007 2006 2004 2003 2002 Isuzu Dmax and Isuzu MU7 as well as brand new 2012 2013 and 2014 Isuzu MU-7 and isuzu D-max. All division of the Jim Group of Companies - Jim Autos Thailand, Jim Dubai, Jim Australia, Jim Singapore and Jim United Kingdom- specialize in providing highest quality new and used 4x4 diesel pickups and SUVs at the lowest price in the world.

Here are detailed model by model specifications of Isuzu Dmax Platinum as well as an overall specification at the bottom of the page.

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Used Isuzu MU7 2009 2010 2011 Model Engine


  • New breakthrough in engine development! Isuzu 4JT1-TCX 3000 Ddi VGS Turbo, the latest technology…more exciting and full power matched better with your lifestyle
  • The latest technology VGS Turbo and the large Inter-cooler in Isuzu 3000 cc. With the output of 163 hp (120 kw) at 3,600 rpm. Max torque at 360 nm at 1,800-2,800 rpm in manual transmission, 333 nm at 1,600-3,200 rpm in automatic transmission. More driving excitement, high performances come together with fuel economy. Offer an excellent power 0-100 km/hr in only 12.1 second*
  • New Developed! Isuzu 4JJ1-TC** 3000 Ddi Super Commonrail, giving higher acceleration, power, yet silence and high gas savings.
  • Make your own choice! Isuzu 3000 Ddi VGS Turbo for the fun driving, More power…High gas saving.

* tested in Isuzu MU-7 Super commonrail Primo 2WD 3000 Ddi VGS Turbo A/T by Isuzu engineering team,japan.

** available in MU-7 Primo M/T.