Import Duty in Afghanistan

Importing Cars in Afghanistan

All diplomats and foreigners with work permit may import a vehicle. Tourists are not allowed to import vehicles. Import taxes and duties are around 25% of the value but customs officers estimate the value which can be arbitrarily high, this is why it is important to work with a clearance agent with prior experience in vehicle clearance.

Diplomats, of course, are exempted from paying duties and taxes. Documents needed for import customs clearance are as follows:

  • Passport Copy
  • Vehicle’s original registration
  • Original sales contract or Invoice (if the vehicle is not owned by the shipper)
  • Copy of shipping document
  • Tax exemption form in case of diplomats
  • Request letter for customs clearance permission to Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance
  • Memo from the Embassy / NGO organization (diplomatic status)

Import regulations can change anytime so please check current import duty and required documentation and update us.

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