Testimonials from Central and South America

Testimonials from Central and South America

We are Thailand’s, Japan’s, Singapore’s, Australia’s, United Kingdom’s, New Zealand’s, Unites States’, Canada’s and Dubai UAE’s top car dealer and exporter of car, pickup trucks, Sport Utility Vehicles, Multi Purpose Vehicles, Luxury Marque, minivan, truck, bus and machinery to the Caribbean and English speaking countries of South America Right Hand Drive countries as well as Spanish and Portuguese Left Hand Drive countries.

Trinidad and Tobago

Ramdas G.

This was my first time importing from Thailand and I must say it was sheer pleasure. I made some error in calculation and Jack corrected it right away saving me $3000. Honesty is not just a slogan to them but a way of life.

Anthony Ali

I laughed when I read on Jim website that they “empower their client and participate in their success.” This sounded like salespeak to me but then some four years ago I placed an order with them and imagine my chagrin when Jim refused to fulfill my order. He began giving my all the reasons why I should not buy those vehicles. I’m a stubborn guy so I took my order somewhere else and this other guy fulfilled my order right away. It turned out that Jim was right after all. He knew my market better than me. It took me a year to get rid of those vehicles at a significant loss. Suffice it to say that I have been a loyal Jim customer since then.

Kumar Sookdeo

What surprised me was speed of response. I heard from Jack within 3 minutes of my email and that was no fluke. Unless he is sleeping he keeps in touch. They also deliver vehicles very quickly. My vehicles were shipment ready in 5 working days after confirmation of my funds.


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