Testimonials from Europe

Testimonials from Europe


Xewqa Maksar

Thank you for being trustworthy. I received the car my son bought for me from you. We went to picnic this past Sunday and the whole family piled up and went on a long drive, it was a comfortable drive. Thanks to your team from our family.

Melita A.

I drove from Valetta to Bugibba and performance was superb. The car is so clean it looks new. A lot of my friends are going to buy from you. Jack was right “you under-promise and over-deliver”

 Turkish Cyprus

Kerem Edip

I’ve been importing from Thailand for the past 10 years. 10 years when I first visited Thailand I had gone by your showroom but seeing how big your showroom was I had left without visiting. I had thought that your prices will be much too high. After going through five different vendor I have now turned to you and am sorry for my mistake 10 years ago. Your service and quality are just as legendary as you claim but to my surprise your prices and speed of delivery are even more legendary. Since time is money I’m getting double the savings, first on price and then on being able to sell all that quickly. On an average your vehicles arrive two to three weeks earlier than from all most past vendors which means that I get my ROI all that sooner. As you know I’m a Doctor and car importing is just a side business so I’m happy that finally I have run into a reliable partner so I don’t have to take time off from my real job. Your cars sell themselves, they arrive on time and everything works like clockwork. Congratulations on building such a well oiled machine. Your great grandfather will be proud of where you have taken his dream. Thank you again.

Emirhan Celebi

I don’t particularly like pickup trucks but am in love with Isuzu Dmax you sent me. I’m happy that I went with your recommendation of accessories. As you had said it turned an ordinary car into an extraordinary ride. Please give my thanks to all in your team, specially Jack.

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