Toyota Coaster Safety

Toyota Coaster Safety

For added safety, ABS brakes allow for more controlled braking when it really counts and four emergency exits. The Coaster’s engine shows great acceleration when you need it most.

Emergency locking retractor (ELR) seatbelts

Keep your passengers safer with the 2-point type seatbelts with Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR). This is a huge advancement in safety for the Coaster. ELR seatbelts are sensitive to the Vehicles motion and automatically lock upon sudden stop or collision, helping to keep you and your passengers safe.

4 emergency exit points

With the safety of so many people at stake, it’s a big comfort to know that all Coasters come standard with four emergency exits. The side door is activated by an emergency override switch. The driver or a passenger can open the passenger side door automatically, allowing a fast evacuation. There are also side emergency exit windows and a rear emergency exit door which is clearly indicated with an illuminated sign.

ABS standard

Coaster’s Anti-skid Braking System (ABS) helps the driver to steer the vehicle around obstacles whilst ensuring an optimal braking distance. Speed sensors monitor the speed of each wheel and whenever the sensors detect a wheel begin to lock up, the ABS will reduce brake pressure to that wheel. This process is repeated in rapid succession for each wheel, preventing wheel lock up and maintaining steering control.

Door ajar warning

With 20 passengers, there’s a lot for a driver to be aware of. Coaster makes the job a little easier by displaying a warning light on the instrument panel to let you know when any of the vehicle’s doors are ajar.

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