Toyota Hiace Models in Thailand

Toyota Hiace 12 Seater Thailand Models available at Thailand top Toyota Hiace Van exporter and dealer. HiAce Van For Sale

Toyota Hiace is a versatile van and minibus. Toyota HiAce van in Thailand comes with durable diesel D-4D engine. HiAce Van’s verstaility allows it to be used both as a family vehicle and for business transportation. The passenger seats can be folded away to provide a large amount of luggage space. Toyota HiAce Van i universall popular. There is no country in the world where it is not found. This means that it can be fixed anywehre in the world with easy access to spare parts.

Here are two models Hiace is available. If you are looking for Hiace Commuter please take a look at our Commuter Section.

Toyota Hiace 5M/T 2500cc 2012 models
Toyota Hiace Eco Blind Manual 12 seat KDH200R-RBMDYT/A1
Toyota Hiace GL 12 seat Manual RWD 1249kg 2500cc KDH202R-RDMNYT/A1


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