Toyota Hilux Design: Ergonomic Design

Toyota Hilux Design: Ergonomic Design

On the Inside

HiLux is full of cleverly researched, sensibly designed touches that help make your working life easier. For example, you’ll notice that the controls are placed easily within your reach. The steering wheel and instrument panel are carefully positioned to ensure clear visibility of instruments. The easy to read instrument panel has a stylish horizontal design. And SR models come with fingertip steering wheel audio controls so you don’t have to take your hands from the steering wheel to control you favourite music. And to make work life a little simpler the SR5 models come with telephone controls for compatible mobile phones.

The driver and passenger front seats are separate, so they can be adjusted independently for maximum comfort and to ensure the driver can sit in his ideal driving position. The driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seats have a hip-supporting cushion panel to help reduce fatigue on long journeys.

On the outside

The exterior of HiLux has been carefully designed to make it more practical and easy to use. Most models have easy to reach exterior mirror controls (not available on WorkMate models). The exterior mirrors on SR and SR5 models are power adjustable.

And to make getting into (and out of) HiLux easier, especially on steep slopes and uneven surfaces like work sites, side steps are fitted as standard on all 4×4 SR and SR5 models.

You shouldn’t have to think about ergonomic design; it should just be there. And with HiLux, it is.

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