Toyota Hilux Performance: Limited Slip Rear Differential

Toyota Hilux Performance: Limited Slip Rear Differential

Australia provides some of the toughest conditions on earth and the Australian HiLux has been designed to tame them. One of the features that make the vehicle such a reliable and unbreakable workhorse is Limited Slip Differential (LSD). This comes as standard across most of the HiLux range. LSD transmits torque to the wheel with traction, it detects wheel slippage through inconsistent rotational speeds. LSD is now fitted as standard across all HiLux 4×2 V6 petrol models# and all 4×4 models (except VSC equipped vehicles).

In SR5 Double-Cab 4×4 models Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) comes as standard. It is also available on SR Double-Cab 4×4 models as part of the option pack.


VSC is a system that monitors your steering angle against the direction in which the HiLux is actually travelling, and uses the results to sense when the front or rear wheels may begin to slip. It automatically detects that you’re not on your intended path and intervenes; helping ensure safer cornering by actively detecting and controlling any understeer or oversteer. The HiLux Vehicle Stability Control system then cuts power and applies braking pressure to the relevant wheels to help you regain control. Most of the time VSC plays no part in your driving at all. But, it activates at the first signs of skidding, taking corrective action to help bring the HiLux under control and heading in the direction you want it to.


LSD (or the VSC option) makes towing a heavy load, in wet weather or on uneven terrain, a good deal safer and helps ensure that the driver has greater control over the vehicle at all times.

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