Toyota Hilux Safety Impact Absorption

Toyota Hilux Safety: Impact Absorption

Toyota Hilux from Australia is one of the safest vehicle around. Should the Toyota HiLux be struck by another vehicle, there are systems in place to help absorb the impact before it reaches you and your passengers.

Toyota Hilux Crumple Zone

toyota hilux australia safety toyota hilux impact protectionToyota HiLux Crumple Zone is designed to help absorb impact in the event of an accident. The cabin comes complete with side door anti-intrusion beams and a Head Impact Protection Structure (HIPS), to help absorb impact. It also has a cross member at the front end of the frame, helping prevent smaller vehicle intrusion. The cabin structure is designed to spread the energy throughout the body of the vehicle

Toyota Hilux Brake Pedal

The HiLux brake pedal has been designed to separate in the event of frontal impact, and the pedal stopper at the lower part of the instrument panel also helps to reduce the extent the pedal can move into the driver’s foot space in a collision.

Hilux Steering column

The steering column is also designed to absorb impact if the driver is thrown forward onto the steering wheel in a collision. It includes an advanced tension-release mechanism that collapses under sudden pressure that goes beyond a defined resistance threshold. As well as this, the steering wheel and airbag absorb the impact of the collision, whilst the steering support collar of the lower bracket simultaneously breaks and the steering column tube moves forwards and away. The energy absorbing plate then deforms to further absorb shock energy.

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