Toyota Hilux Safety: Traction Control

Toyota hILUX sAFETY: Traction Control (TRC)

Traction Control (TRC) is now standard on all Toyota Hilux SR5 Double-Cab 4×4 models and is optional on all 4×4 SR Double-Cab Pick-up models in Australia.

TRC provides the logical reverse system to Anti-skid Braking (ABS) – where ABS helps reduce wheel lock up during hard braking, TRC helps the vehicle to avoid wheel spin while accelerating.

Improved grip on loose and slippery surfaces

Whether the vehicle is accelerating, braking or cornering, the TRC system automatically kicks in at the first sign of any wheel spin, to ensure maximum grip on loose and slippery surfaces.

TRC detects when one or more wheels is beginning to spin and then it automatically compensates by adjusting braking force and engine power to each wheel individually. So that each wheel has the maximum grip possible.

TRC is even smart enough to sense when the surfaces differ from one side of the vehicle to the other, such as when driving on narrow roads with one wheel on a grass verge or delivering to sites along partially made up tracks.

Traction Control technology gives the driver confidence to push on with the job, even in the toughest terrain.

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