Toyota Hilux Safety Vehicle Stability Control VSC

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

toyota-hilux-vehicle-stability-controlVehicle Stability Control (VSC) comes as standard on 4×4 SR5 Double-Cab models and is optional on all 4×4 SR Double-Cab Pick-up models.

The system uses fast-acting computer-based intelligence to sense oversteer (back wheel sideways skid) and understeer (front wheel sideways skid) during cornering, and automatically activates to keep the vehicle on track.

Minimising understeer and oversteer

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) works by monitoring steering angle against the direction in which the vehicle is actually travelling, and uses the results to sense when the front or rear wheels begin to slip. This way, it automatically detects when the vehicle is not on its intended path and intervenes, controlling engine power and brake force to each individual wheel to dampen understeer and oversteer, minimizing skidding and helping to ensure safer cornering.

Most of the time VSC plays no part in your driving at all. But, it automatically activates at the first signs of skidding, taking corrective action to help the driver remain in control of the vehicle and keep it headed in the intended direction

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