Toyota Hilux Safety:

Toyota Hilux Brake Assist (BA)

toyota-hilux-disc-brake Brake AssistBrake Assist (BA) comes as standard on all 4×4 SR5 Double-Cab models and is now available as part of an option package on all 4×4 SR Double-Cab Pickup models (Petrol and Turbo Diesel).

The system works alongside the Anti-skid Braking System (ABS) as part of Active Braking with intelligence to help stop HiLux as fast as possible in emergency braking.

BA interprets a sudden push on the brake pedal as emergency braking and if necessary, supplies extra brake force to bring the vehicle to a controlled halt in the shortest possible distance.

BA, as part of Active Braking with intelligence, is one more example of HiLux being in your corner, exactly when you need it.

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