Toyota Previa Features

Toyota Previa Features. Toyota Previa available at Jim Autos Dubai – Dubai top Car Pickup Truck SUV MPV Exporter

Toyota Previa MPV is the Ultimate People Carrier. The Toyota Previa opens up a whole new world for you and your family to enjoy relaxed motoring together.

I. Toyota Previa Performance: Technology drives superior performance

Designed to put you in control, with its futuristic, yet practical design, plus the superior performance of its advanced VVT-i and D-4D engines, the Previa delivers outstanding levels of space and safety, coupled with excellent fuel economy.

Toyota Previa 4-speed Automatic Transmission

The four-cylinder engine, among the most powerful in its class, produces 168hp at 4,000rpm of torque, ensuring the Previa responds quickly and safely to your driving requirements

Toyota Previa Suspension

With common rail diesel technology, atomised fuel is injected at high pressure to optimise power and fuel efficiency.

Toyota Previa VVT-i Technology

With integrated Variable Valve Timing – intelligent technology, Previa’s 2.4L petrol engine delivers more than 30 mpg on the combined cycle

II. Toyota Previa Comfort: Comfort and practicality, wherever you go

Previa has been designed to put you in control. With its unrivalled flexibility, it can seat up to seven, giving you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. And that means you can enjoy more together as a family, and explore further

Toyota Previa Cruise Control

An aid to more relaxed driving, cruise control is standard on Toyota Previa T3 and Toyota Previa T Spirit automatic models

Toyota Previa Hands Free Mobile Phone Kits

Keep in touch the safe and convenient way with a Toyota Hands Free (THF) mobile phone kit

Toyota Previa In-Car Entertainment system

The optional in car entertainment system gives you DVD quality vision and superb stereo sound, plus a games console and video camera compatibility

Toyota Previa Steering Wheel Audio Controls

Convenient and safe, the steering wheel mounted controls put you in complete charge of your audio system’s volume output

Toyota Previa Storage

Practical by design, the Previa features handy compartments and spaces throughout the cabin to hold all your personal effects and accommodate cargo of various dimensions

II. Toyota Previa Safety: Safety first and foremost

Toyota recognises that whenever you take to the road with the family, you want to be assured of their safety. This is why the Previa was designed to include many safety and security features.

Toyota Previa Airbags

Driver and the front seat passenger enjoy the added protection of front and side airbags throughout the model range

Toyota Previa Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

Every Previa comes with ABS with EBD for maximum controlled braking, even in difficult driving conditions

Toyota Previa Head Impact Protect

In-built safety features include a special head impact protection system across all three rows of seats, giving all passengers the best protection in the event of a collision

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