Toyota Sequioa 4×4 Dubai Features

Toyota Sequioa 4×4 Dubai Features. Toyota Sequioa Available from Jim Autos Dubai and Jim Autos United States

One 4X4 has it all! The most imposing presence on the roads, incomparably refined styling, and the finest cruising. Sequoia – big on style!

I. Toyota Sequioa Performance: Performance at the top of its class.

Sequoia’s engine and transmission are all set to give you an exciting ride. This versatile and powerful 4X4 provides a fully satisfying driving experience.

Toyota Sequioa Air and Variable Suspensions (AVS)

Electronically controlled rear air suspension lets you adjust vehicle height with a switch, while the AVS gives you a choice of modes and automatically controls the damping force of the shock absorbers, depending on road conditions. This advanced suspension system ensures excellent cruising stability and riding comfort for all your passengers

Toyota Sequioa Alloy Wheels

Two sizes of aluminium wheels are available to suit your driving preference: 18 and 20 inc

Toyota Sequioa Multi mode 4WD

Shift smoothly from 2WD to 4WD high and low range drive, with an easy to use, dial-type transfer switch. A dedicated differential lock switch allows you to lock the centre differential

Toyota Sequioa Powerful Engine

Equipped with a 32-valve DOHC with Dual VVT-I, Sequoia delivers class leading acceleration performance and fuel consumption. With extensive noise and vibration reducing measures, this magnificent engine offers superior drivability

Toyota Sequioa Super-intelligent Transmission

6-speed super-intelligent, electronically controlled transmission is a gate-type sequential shift with an AI-SHIFT, which automatically changes the shift patterns according to road conditions or your intention

II. Toyota Sequioa Comfort: A new dimension of driving pleasure.

Sequoia’s advanced interior practicality satisfies every need, from comfortable seating arrangements to advanced navigation and manoeuvring aids.

Toyota Sequioa Flexible Seat Configuration

Fold the second and third row seats to a fully flat position, creating a wide cargo space that can hold even long objects. This flexibility makes the Sequoia a practical vehicle for all your carrying needs

Toyota Sequioa Navigation

With a larger 7 inch screen and intuitive controls, Sequoia’s sophisticated navigation system puts you on the right road to adventure. It’s easy to find anywhere you are looking for

Toyota Sequioa Rear View Camera

For easier, safer reverse manoeuvring, a 2.5 inch display appears in the rear view mirror showing the rear view camera image

Toyota Sequioa Sonar System

A clearance sonar system detects obstructions ahead and behind, informing the driver with an indicator and buzzer to warn of collision

Toyota Sequioa Third Row Seats

With ample and spacious third row seats which recline and tilt at the touch of a button, you can enjoy best of class space and functionality

Toyota Sequioa Ventilated Seats

Ventilated front seats enhance seating comfort from the moment you enter the Sequoia

III. Toyota Sequioa Safety: Superior safety

Sequoia’s pursuit of safety knows no limits, incorporating Toyota’s advanced active and passive safety technologies to prioritize the protection of all occupants in any event.

Toyota Sequioa Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

ABS helps prevent tyre lock in emergency braking situations, and EBD distributes optimum braking power to each wheel as necessary, contributing to superior braking power as well as vehicle stability in all driving conditions

Toyota Sequioa SRS Airbags

Driver and front passenger are protected from collisions by SRS dual-stage, side and knee airbags. Passengers in the first row, second row order seats and third row outer seats are protected by curtain shield airbags

Toyota Sequioa Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

VSC detects traction loss by monitoring steering angle and vehicle direction, and helps avoid lateral slippage of front and rear wheels to enhance vehicle stability. In addition, A-TRC implements brake control if a wheel loses traction when starting on slippery surfaces, and distributes the appropriate torque to the wheels that have traction

IV. Toyota Sequioa Advanced Features: Enjoy the drive with family and friends

The open interior layout with abundance of functions for your comfort and convenience are designed to put you at ease. Take control and experience a new dimension of driving pleasure.

Toyota Sequioa 14-speaker JBL premium audio system

Premium audio system features a six disc changer with AM/FM radio, and 14 speakers optimally positioned for realistic, high quality sound throughout the cabin

Toyota Sequioa Electrically Powered Back Door

The jam-proof back door can be opened and closed by remote control, or closed by a back door pillar switch, for convenient and safe operation

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