Trinidad Citizens can now import six year old vehicle

Trinidad and Tobago government allows import of six year old Gasoline Petrol vehicle

The government of Trinidad and Tobago on 21st July 2011 announced a change to the policy on importing foreign used vehicles to allow dealers to import vehicles that are up to six years old. The previous age limit was four years. Jim is proud to be world’s top car exporter to the Caribbean West Indies especially the Trinidad and Tobago. Importing a car into Trinidad and Tobago is easy with Jim with its worldwide offices in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, England United Kingdom, United States and Dubai.

Trade and Industry Minister, Stephen Cadiz, made the announcement at the post Cabinet media briefing. He explained that about 150 dealers complained to him at a recent consultation about the restrictions on the age limit for vehicles. They also staged a demonstration to demand changes to allow them to import older cars. Cadiz said while the limit has changed the regulations would still demand that every vehicle imported is roadworthy.

“Any vehicle over five years old is mandated to undergo a pre-registration inspection. So even though the age of the vehicle is being extended from four to six years, it means that any vehicle coming in now, will literally, as you sit down in Licensing Office, go over the pit,” he stated.

He also announced a new mandatory three-month limited warranty on all foreign used vehicles sold in Trinidad and Tobago. “The consumer has a choice in buying a brand new car with a full-blown factory warranty as against a used vehicle with a three-month warranty. That is a choice for the consumer,” he said. “What we want to ensure is that as the consumer drives the vehicle out of the yard, the engine does not seize up. The transmission does not fall out in the road, you know, major mechanical failure.”


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