United States 4×4 Left Hand Drive Dealer

United States Left Hand Drive Dealer and Exporter

Jim is United States’ and Dubai’s top exporter of new Left Hand Drive cars, luxury vehicles, vans, trucks and buses and top exporter of used LHD cars, luxury vehicles, vans, minibuses, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks and vans. Our quality is hghest and our prices lowest. For 101 years our name has stood for quality and low prices and a century hence this promise of high quality, low prices, quick delivery and great service will continue.

Need Left Hand Drive Cars From United States and Canada

If you need Left Hand Drive cars, 4WD vehicles, vans, trucks or buses it is best to buy them from Thailand, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Dubai, Canada and United States top Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive dealer and exporter of new and used LHD and RHD vehicles.

When it comes to LHD cars, Left Hand Drive cars are always on sale at world’s top LHD dealer and world’s top LHD exporter. Contact us not only for LHD cars on sale but also LHD 4WD pickup trucks on sale, LHD Sport Utility Vehicles for sale, LHD MPV for sale, LHD luxury cars for sale, LHD vans for sale, LHD trucks for sale and LHD buses for sale. Not only new LHD cars but also used LHD cars are on sale at Dubai and United States top LHD car dealer and exporter.

Salvage Vehicles for Sale

Vehicles from United States are pretty cheap and they are even cheaper when you buy from us because of our low profit margin. When it comes to Salvage vehicles the prices are rock bottom and we are able to supply salvage cars, salvage 4WD vehices. salvage trucks, salvage boats

Exotic and Classic LHD cars for Sale

If you are looking for exotic and classic cars from the United States and Canada, exotic and Classic cars are on sale at Jim Autos 12 months of the year. At our wholesale pricing you can take advantage of great deals on classic exotic cars on sale.

Vehicles For Sale

Veihcles are always on sale. Left hand Drive vehicles are on sale and for sale but so are Right Hand Drive vehicles. We offer LHD vehicles from all major manufacturers.

Jim Autos have been an established dealer in the left hand drive export and import car and pickup market for over 101 years. A century and four generations later, we have gained some knowledge and experience dealing with left hand drive vehicles, enabling us to offer you a Exclusive Range of top quality left hand drive cars and lhd 4×4’s with a level of professional service to match. Our Exclusive Select Range is carefully chosen from leading manufacturers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen etc. By only selecting lhd vehicles of the highest standards, with the right specifications and with our cars in stock available for viewing in Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom, we offers you the confidence in making the best choice to suit your individual new and used left hand drive car requirements. With our commitment to top quality, low price, quick delivery and excellent customer service it is no surprise that Jim Autos – Asia’s First Family of Auto Retails – continues to build on its first class reputation.

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