Which vehicles you can import into Ireland

Which Vehicles you can import into Ireland

Importing to Ireland is rather unrestricted in what you can import. To keep imports low the Irish Authorities have charges and taxes to deter importers. These include Duty, VAT and VRT at 10, 21 and 13.3 to 30 percent each respectively.

The appropriate question you should ask yourself is Why you are importing?For personal use or to resale, high value cars are good imports. In general though, if you’re looking to take advantage the extremely low prices of low value cars to resale for profit, the Irish Authorities will quickly slim any gains you might be thinking of.

In general it is important that you import the right cars. Rare, JDM-only cars are often the most popular imported cars. Regardless of the vehicle, always count all the costs (see below) against the benefits before commitment.

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