Who can bring lower duty vehicle in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Duty Free Concession in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Duty free concession on motor vehicles are granted by the government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines for the following:

Returning Nationals

Vincentian nationals who have been living outside of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a period of ten (10) years or more and are preparing to permanently relocate to their country may import a vehicle of their choice (not including heavy trucks,) and receive seventy-five percent waiver of the import duty and consumption tax. Customs service charge of 4% of C.I.F is payable. If the imported vehicle is more than four years old, then a vehicle surcharge is also payable. (See rates on last page). The concession is limited to one vehicle per household. Returning nationals wishing to benefit under this scheme may do so by applying to the Comptroller of Customs and Excise. Application forms can be obtained from the Secretariat at Customs House.


Farmers can benefit from a seventy-five (75) percent waiver of import duty and consumption tax on the importation of pick-ups or light trucks of 1.5 tons or less. Customs Service Charge of 4% C.I.F is payable as well as a vehicle surcharge of $4000.00 if more than four (4) years old. (See rates on last page) Applications must be made on the appropriate form and addressed to the Director General/Ministry of Finance. This concession is limited to one vehicle per household. To be eligible, a farmer should be conducting commercial farming activity on at least three (3) acres of land for three(3) consecutive years prior to the granting of the concession. Evidence of commercial activity must be in the form of certification from the Permanent Secretary or the Chief Agricultural Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture.

School Buses

Duty-free concessions may be granted to operators of buses transporting secondary school students in full time education including senior students of all ages schools at regulated fares. Buses must have a minimum capacity of twenty-five (25) seats; must ply designated routes as determined by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education in consultation with the Commissioner of Police, expect when engaged in co-curricula activities. To qualify for this concession, there are conditions that must be met. Guidelines to these conditions can be obtained from the Ministry of Education and applications must be made to Cabinet.

Senior Public Servants

An officer who has been permanently appointed to a post in Grades (13) and above; or has been acting in these grades for a continuing period of two (2) or more years are eligible for seventy-five(75) percent waiver of import duty and consumption tax on a motor car or jeep of 3000cc or less. This concession also applies to contractual and temporary appointments in Grades 13 held for a continuous period of five(5) years and over as well as, Managers of Statutory Corporations who receive benefits and pay scales in line with grade 13 of the Civil Service. The vehicle must be owned by the officer and registered in his/her name. This concession can be claimed on the purchase/ importation of a qualifying vehicle, in any given four years. Civil Servants retiring from the public service who were entitled to Duty-free concessions can utilise such concessions up to one month after the receipt of their retiring benefits. All applications should be made to the Director General of Finance and Planning.

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