Zimbabwe Import Duty

Zimbabwe Import Duty

Zimbabwe uses the GATT system of tariff codes. Imports are subject to duty, import tax, and surtax. Capital goods are exempt from all three. Duties mostly range between 15% and 20% but can go as high as 60%. The surtax is 10% and sales tax is charged the importer as the end-user. The customs duty for textiles is 5% and the duty for clothes is 15%. Zimbabwe is a member of the 14-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC), which was formed to promote “regional integration,” and the 22-nation Preferential Trade Area (PTA) of Eastern and Southern Africa, which provides reduced duties on trade between member countries.

Import duty on Vehicles

The rates of duty on imported motor vehicles are dependent on the type of vehicle being imported. Information obtained from (http://www.zimra.co.zw/index.php?view=items&cid=1%3Aduty&id=187%3A-can-you-give-the-rates-of-duty-charged-for-cars-and-their-different-categories&option=com_quickfaq&Itemid=8)

a) Motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons including the driver attract Customs Duty of 0% to 60% (buses, kombis, etc.)

b) Motor vehicles principally designed for the transport of persons other than those mentioned above attract Customs Duty of 25% to 40%. These vehicles include light passenger motor vehicles, station wagons, etc.)

c) Motor vehicles for the transport of goods attract Customs Duty of 25% to 40% depending on the gross vehicle weight. This category includes pick-up trucks and double cabs

In addition to the Customs Duty, there is Value Added Tax (VAT) of 15% and Surtax of 25% on second-hand motor vehicles which are more than five years old.

Please note that a few years back duty on Double Cab vehicles was increased substantially and an importer was required to pay in foreign exchange. The importers are now buying Single Cab and Extra Cab Vigoes.

Used Vehicle

There is no restiction on how old a vehicle may be imported in and no road worthiness inspection is required. Though as mentioned above vehicles older than 5 years attract a 25% surcharge.

Returning Residents

Immigrants or returning residents after an absence of two years or more: Each family member over age 18 can import a motor vehicle duty and tax-free if owned by individual member for six months If less than six months, all relevant documents will have to be produced to Customs, including import license A returning resident absent for less than two years will not usually be allowed duty-free importation Autos may not be sold or disposed of within 12 months of importation Not more than two vehicles per family

Documents required:

  • Form C38 (MV)
  • Immigrants Declaration
  • Passport
  • Residence Permit
  • Import License if ownership of vehicle prior to importation is less than six months

There are no restrictions but front seat safety belts are required by law. The duty on autos is 60%, the tax is 15%, and the surtax is 35%. Duty rates are subject to change at anytime without notice.

Custom Clearance

Zimbabwean Customs Authorities take time to process documents. Use an official agent (customs broker) to minimize the clearing problems!

The bill of lading or airway bill, and packing list are required to clear all shipments,

To import a motor vehicle you need the following documentation:

  • Bill of lading, consisting of 1 original and 3 copies,
  • Packing list
  • Invoices
  • Copy of insurance documents and freight invoice,
  • Certified copy of your passport

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