Ford Ranger 2009 2010 2011 Power and Performance

Ford Ranger 2009 2010 2011 Diesel Pick-up Truck Power and Performance

Power and Performance of Ford Ranger pick-up diesel truck makes it the 100% Truck. Its advanced German Commonrail Fuel Management System delivers super torque and better fuel efficiency among other while turbo charged TDCi engine delivers great performance at all engine speeds. Ford Ranger is now available in Right hand Drive and Left Hand drive in new and used.


ranger tdci engine Commonrail Fuel Injection. The advanced German COMMONRAIL FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM utilizes high injection pressure and precision only achievable by the control of a sophisticated 32-bit micro- computer. This results in excellent power and torque, better fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions, quieter operations and reduced engine oil contamination. Turbo-charged and intercooled With its VARIABLE GEOMETRY TURBOCHARGER, the new TDCi engine delivers vastly improved performance at all engine speeds, with its broadest power band and instantaneous turbocharger response.
ranger engine is a torquey engine

Highest output performance

  • The all-new 3.0L TDCi yields a 41% increase in torque over the current 2.5L turbodiesel, and the variable geometry turbocharger delivers HIGHER TORQUE@LOWER REV range. This translates into massive amount of usable torque and acceleration is at your disposal the very moment you need it most.

New 3.0L DuraTORQ Commonrail TDCi

  • 16 valve intercooled Direct Injection Turbodiesel
  • 115KW and a whopping 380Nm

New 2.5L DURATORQ Commonrail TDCi

  • 16 valve intercooled Direct Injection Turbodiesel
  • 105KW and 330Nm

The all-new Automatic 5-speed transmission [that comes from the Ford Explorer SUV] with close spaced ratio to constantly keep the engine in its power band. It helps to deliver not just better off-the-line acceleration, but also remarkably good fuel economy.

ranger egine is very fuel efficient

Best-in-class fuel efficiency

The all-new commonrail platform allows precise control over fuel injection timing and pressure, giving you CLASS-LEADING FUEL ECONOMY

The new 2.5L DuraTORQ TDCi represents 22% improvement in fuel consumption over the previous 2.5L model

The new 2.5L DuraTORQ TDCi achieves 7.7L/100km versus current industry leader of 8.0L/100km

The new 3.0L DuraTORQ TDCi achieves a very respectable 8.6L/100km

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