Isuzu Thailand Dmax

Isuzu Thailand dmax PickuP Truck and isuzu Thailand MU-7

Isuzu Thailand D-max pick-up truck and Isuzu Thailand MU-7 Sport Utility Vehicle are manufactured by Isuzu Thailand. 

Tri Petch Isuzu manufactures Isuzu pickup trucks, SUVs and medium duty trucks from Isuzu in Thailand.. Tri Petch Isuzu’s network of dealers and service centers provide all Isuzu Products. Isuzu Thailand offers isuzu Dmax in Rodeo, D-Max, Cab4, Hi-Lander, and Spacecab configuration as well as the MU-7 wagon. Tri Petch Isuzu also offers commercial vehicle and buses. Tri Petch Isuzu is a joint venture between Japanese carmaker Isuzu Motors and Mitsubishi Corporation.

Jim Thailand offers full range of Isuzu Thailand products.

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