Landcruiser 70 LC79 Pickup

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup Left Hand Drive in Dubai at Jim Autos Dubai

Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup Truck is our best selling pickup truck and best selling Landcruiser model from Jim Autos Dubai. Landcruiser Pickup is also available in Right Hand Drive RHD at Jim Autos New Zealand, Jim Autos Australia.

Driving beyond all expectations, from desert heat to the South Pole, in the most severe off-road conditions, Land Cruiser has earned its title as king of 4WDs, its performance and reliability legendary. It began in Japan in 1951 with the tough Toyota BJ prototype. The name Land Cruiser was adopted in 1954 and the following year saw the 20 series, whose ruggedness drove export sales. In the 1960s, the 40 series models made Land Cruiser’s reputation unassailable.

An F-type engine and other enhancements dramatically improved high speed and off road performance. Land Cruiser became renowned for utility wherever it was driven and today’s models are heirs to the legendary 40 series, demonstrating the same strengths, durability, reliability and endurance, with added comfort and superior handling making it the number one choice of utility vehicle. Today, Land Cruiser’s superior functionality comes as standard, along with exciting, sophisticated design features; with the new Land Cruiser 70s, a new legend is born.

I. Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Performance: Powerful, rugged, yet environmentally friendly

This Land Cruiser takes you where you want to go absolutely everywhere

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai 4000 cc Petrol Engine

This cleaner running petrol engine option produces fewer emissions and delivers greater horsepower

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai 4200 cc Diesel Engine

Combining low fuel consumption, with ample power and torque, Land Cruiser’s 4.2L diesel engine gives you outstanding durability

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Rugged Frame

Providing a solid foundation for responsive handling and incomparable functionality, with suspension optimised for both comfort and load carrying capacity

II. Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Comfort: It has never been easier to sit back, relax and focus on your driving.

Put yourselves in the driver’s seat. The stylish instrument panel is fine tuned for this Land Cruiser, with high quality in every detail, the hazard switch and clock at the top and all other controls within easy reach.

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Adjustable Drivers Seat

Move backward or forward or recline the seat angle to find your most comfortable driving position

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Adjustable Steering Wheel

Fine tune your comfort and maximise your driving comfort with the tilting and telescoping collapsible steering wheel column

III. Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Safety: Active and passive safety features include:

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Airbags

Driver and passenger airbags are designed to give you maximum protection in the event of an accident

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai All Round Visibility

Window positioning provides all round visibility from the driver’s superior vantage point, giving you command over the terrain and the ability to respond sooner to any situation

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Rugged Body Components

Tough and durable, Land Cruiser 70s chassis is built for safety and long service

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Strategically Placed Steering Wheel and Controls


IV. Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Advanced Features: Durability and ultimate ease of use

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Practical Deck

Designed for work efficiency, Land Cruiser supports easy loading and unloading

Toyota Landcruiser Pickup LHD Dubai Rust Prevention

Part of the package, rust prevention provides essential protection to the bodywork, allowing you to drive anywhere without a care

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