Testimonials from Asia

Testimonials from Asia

Here are some testimonials from some of our customers from Asia.

Testimonials from Myanmar (Burma)

Myint A.

Even though we only start purchasing from Jim Autos 2 years ago, we have centralized all our car purchasing with them. At first we were only purchasing Thailand vehicles from the but now we also purchase vehicles from Japan, United States and Dubai. Their prices are low and their vehicle quality is always top notch. In the past I used to have a lot of problems with other vendors but once we began dealing with Jim, we learned a different level of customer service that is unheard of in car export industry.

Hnin P.

Thanks for beautiful car, it was as you promised. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


R. Motors, Karachi

We have been exporting from Jim and their sister companies for the past 15 years and will continue to do so for the next 15. Jim is a man of his words and his vehicles are of highest quality and their service always best. Even when there is a lull in our business I always keep in touch with Jim as he is a great guy with great insights in life and our business.

Khalid, K. Motors, Karachi

My customers love their cars and I love their service and prices. I buy from them from Thailand and Australia and am fully satisfied.

M. Junejo, Larkana, Sindh

Bought three Vigoes from Jim three years ago, still no problem. I will definitely recommend them.

M. Chowdury, Lahore, Punjab

Most folks in Pakistan import Toyota Vigo from Jim but I purchased Toyota Hiace from them and am very happy. Good people.

 Sri Lanka

Hirantha S.

It was my first time dealing with Thailand dealer, it was very pleasant experience, they made me at home. They were very patient with me as my bank was new to me and they delayed LC but Jim did not mistrust me and waited until things were resolved. I’m sure they suffered a loss but since then I have been committed to them and have been recommending them to others. Right now changes in our laws do not permit to import much but as soon as rules change again I plan to use only Jim for all my car imports.

United Arab Emirates

P. Motors, Al-Aweer, Dubai

I have been dealing with Jim for the past 15 years and will certainly recommend them. Even though they compete with me but I was the first one to greet their arrival in Dubai market as their presence has improved our market. They are honest and true to their word.


Abdur Rahman Omar, Baghdad

Very good price.

Ali H., Kufa

Like my car. They are good people.


Ramdas K.

Their customer service is very high. I have been asking questions for the past six months and still they have not tired of my questions. I still have to import a vehicle from them.


Alireza H.

I buy from them first time. Their cars very good, my customer happy so I happy. I will buy more. Thank you.


Khondker Mustifuz Rahman, Chittagong

Thank you kindly for your service. You delivered all vehicles on time and on prices you promised. I’m sure I will win the next contract as well.


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