Toyota FJ Cruiser Features

Toyota FJ Cruiser Features Available at Dubai United States Australia New Zealand top Toyota Dealer Exporter Jim Autos

Here are features of Left hand Drive Toyota FJ Cruiser from our Dubai office. Our Unites States office can also supply you Left Hand Drive US spec FJ Cruiser in new and used.

I. Toyota Performance: Experience the glory of great outdoors.

The FJ Cruiser has a muscular 4.0L, 270hp, V6 engine coupled with advanced 5-speed automatic transmission and differential lock (FJ Cruiser SE), which deliver a powerful and responsive drive off-road, and smooth acceleration on the road.

5-speed Automatic and Manual Transmission

FJ Cruiser has a 5-speed automatic transmission with gated shift and low range gear selections. Its part time 4×4 system is designed to easily cope with the demands of on-road as well as the off-road driving you love. When all four wheels aren’t engaged, and the going isn’t as tough, your vehicle uses less fuel, meaning you can enjoy greater fuel economy. Then when you head off-road, or in slippery conditions, 4WD is there ready to be activated, on demand

Cruise Control

When you’re used to off-roading, highway driving seems very straightforward, so on long stretches, you want the comfort of just being able to cruise. Allowing you to set the speed for a smooth ride, cruise control is an important feature of FJ Cruiser’s on-road technology

17” Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels add to FJ Cruiser’s rugged looks and provide better performance, delivering improved steering feel, and greater braking response. All Toyota alloy wheels are comprehensively tested to ensure precision fit, performance and durability

Traction Control and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)

When it comes to handling, FJ Cruiser’s Traction Control goes hand in hand with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), a crucial system of on road technology, which helps FJ Cruiser hold its direction during hard cornering in an emergency, automatically adjusting the engine’s output and braking force delivered to each wheel, to control under steer or over steer.

V6 Engine

For the ultimate in stormy off-road 4WD performance, FJ Cruiser features the same 4.0L, six-cylinder petrol engine as its sister SUV, the Prado. Dual VVT-i technology ensures optimal timing of the intake and exhaust valves according to operating conditions, providing both power and efficiency

II. Toyota FJ Cruiser Comfort: Legendary design, melding tradition with modern technology and practicality

Experience for yourself how all its elements combine to make it a truly inspired 4WD. Whether you’re heading out on the open road or escaping off the beaten track, listening to your favourite soundtrack is all part of the experience. FJ Cruiser’s sophisticated audio system makes that experience a premium one

Driver and Passenger Armrests

FJ Cruiser features driver and passenger armrests for extra comfort on long drives, as well as passenger assist bars for your rear seat passengers to hold for extra support on tougher off-road terrains.

Foldable, Removable Rear Seats

Double folding rear seats provide a 60/40 split, providing flexible storage for carrying long objects. You can even take out the rear seats to make space for large volume cargo

Integrated Steering Wheel Controls

Thanks to integrated steering wheel controls, when it comes to using your car’s audio, the FJ Cruiser makes it easy. Convenience is right at your fingertips on the three spoke steering wheel, whose built-in controls allow you to select with ease a new track on your six disc CD player, skip audio modes, adjust the volume, or flick between pre-set radio station, all without taking your hands off the wheel. You can even answer your Bluetooth™ compatible mobile phone on the go, all without taking your hands off the wheel

Parking Sensors

After the thrill of exploring wide open spaces, parking in city spaces is a breeze using FJ Cruiser’s two reverse parking sensors, which operate by detecting objects at the back of the vehicle. The sensors use an audible warning to let you know the position and distance of objects relative to the back of your vehicle, allowing you to take the necessary precautions to park safely

Rugged Seatbacks and Flooring

Rear seatbacks and cargo deck surface are covered with durable rubberised panels, including concave drainage grooves for easier clean-up of dirt and water. Perfect for heavy duty use in the great outdoors

Surround Sound System

Thumping soundtracks sound great inside the FJ Cruiser. The exclusive FJammer 327 Watt sound system’s advanced nine speaker configuration features two front door mounted speakers, two dash mounted tweeters, an exciter integrated into the ceiling cavity, two forward facing tweeters mounted in the rear pillars and two box woofers

III. Toyota FJ Cruiser Safety: Built with maximum protection

To fully enjoy the outdoors and driving on and off-road, you need to feel fully confident in your trusty SUV’s driving and safety capabilities. Toyota’s exceptionally advanced safety technologies are with you all the way, providing peace of mind for you and your passengers.

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

FJ Cruiser includes a sophisticated braking system to maximise car safety. A hydraulic brake booster unit in the FJ Cruiser facilitates numerous innovative braking technologies including Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRC), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist (BA)

SRS and Curtain Airbags

Toyota FJ Cruiser comes with SRS side airbags on both front seats to help prevent torso injuries to the driver and passenger. Should a side collision occur, the SRS curtain shield airbag deploys almost instantly covering the area around the front and rear side windows, reducing the force of impact to the head area, helping to protect passengers in both the front and rear of the car. This system of six SRS airbags works together with the FJ Cruiser’s seat belts to help keep everyone protected

Head Impact Protection

FJ Cruiser’s body structure is designed to help protect occupants’ heads from strong impact in the event of an accident

Large Side Door Mirror

Large door mirrors and side window defrosters help ensure clear side to rear visibility while in motion

Reversing Camera and Electro-Chromatic Rear View Mirror

For confident reversing manoeuvres and obstacle avoidance, FJ Cruiser is fitted with a convenient reversing camera providing a live rear view. Vision from the reversing camera is cleverly integrated into the anti-glare electro-chromatic mirror via a 2.4 inch LCD screen

IV. Toyota FJ Cruiser Advanced Features

FJ Cruiser Stealth edition is designed to turn heads!

Dark as night, with its matt black exterior finish and matt black wheels, black coloured lights, enhanced interior detailing, and ‘Stealth’ badge proclaiming its presence, your ice-cool FJ just got cooler! Extra stylish off-road enhancements mean that this concept car is as serious about its appearance as it is about performance!

Carbon Fibre Look Interior Trim

Your Stealth goes way beyond the purely practical, with an exciting carbon fibre look instrument panel, door panel and speaker grill panel turning every drive into an adventure!

Integrated Roof Mounted Lights and Roof Racking

Stylish black roof rails topped with powerful roof mounted lights complement your outdoor adventurous lifestyle and image

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