Toyota Hilux Safety: Anti-Skid Braking System ABS

Toyota Hilux Anti-Skid Braking System ABS

Imagine the scenario: It’s been another tough day, and to cap it off you’re driving home in heavy traffic. Rain is sheeting down and the roads are slippery. You’re looking forward to getting home and flicking on the TV. Suddenly, the brake lights of the car immediately in front of you blaze red as the driver slams their foot down. You hit the brakes hard to avoid going into them, but instead of stopping, your pick-up truck slides out of control.


But not if your pickup truck or ute is the HiLux. ABS, our world class Anti-skid Braking System is part of our ‘Active Braking with intelligence (AB-i)’ safety technology and comes as standard across all HiLux models.


The system uses a combination of modern electronics and a hydraulic actuator to monitor the wheels during braking. If the system detects that the wheels are beginning to lock, it automatically adjusts braking pressure to free the lock up. To help assist the driver retain control of steering during hard braking or an emergency stop, helping to avoid accidents.

ABS is another reason for HiLux’s legendary un-breakability – even though you can’t rely on the weather, or the driver in front of you, this is a vehicle you can depend on.

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