Toyota Hilux Technology: Make Life easier on the open road

Toyota Hilux Technology: Make Life easier on the open road

Easier Highway Driving

After a big day at work, the long drive home can prove a challenge. On long stretch of highway, it’s all too easy for the vehicle’s speed to creep up without the driver noticing. But with HiLux’s cruise control system, just set a desired speed, and the ute does all the work.

Cruise control is standard on all SR and SR5 models and on the Turbo Diesel 4×4 WorkMate automatic transmission models.

Reduced Driving fatigue

Perfect for those endless stretches of highway, Cruise Control helps you to maintain a preferred speed without constant throttle adjustments and continually checking the speedo. This can help to reduce driving fatigue and helps you stay focused on the road.

Whether you are going uphill into a headwind or cruising down a long flat stretch of open road, the system continuously adjusts the throttle opening to help maintain your chosen pace for as long as you want – until you touch the brakes or accelerator, which automatically overrides the system.

Adjusting a set speed up or down is a simple fingertip movement of the cruise control lever.

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