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Features of Toyota Landcruiser Dubai at Top Toyota Landcruiser dealer Exporter

Toyota Landcruiser Left Hand Drive is available in Dubai not only Landcruiser 70 but also Landcruiser 200. Right Hand Drive Toyota Landcruiser is available at Jim Autos New Zealand, Jim Autos Australia, Jim Autos Japan and Jim Autos United Kingdom. Left hand Drive Toyota Landcruiser available at Jim Autos Dubai and Jim Autos United States.

Toyota Landcruiser Left Hand Drive in Dubai has the following features

PERFORMANCE: The power to lead the land.

The legendary Toyota Land Cruiser dominates the 4WD sector, taming the wildest terrains in the world for generations. In the UAE, it is an important part of the nation’s history, and continues to be an essential part of peoples’ lives. Nothing slows the wheels of progress.

Toyota Landcruiser Awesome V8 power

Both the 4.7L V8 VVT-i petrol with 5-speed auto and the 4.5L V8 turbo diesel with 6-speed auto offer outstanding performance figures; the petrol engine outputs 271hp at 5,400rpm. And then there’s torque. In a big, powerful 4WD, torque is important for things like towing heavy loads and driving in off road situations. The petrol variant offers an impressive 41.8kg-m at 3,400rpm. These are numbers to give you the confidence to explore new frontiers, on-road and off. The most powerful in the Land Cruiser range, the 5.7L engine delivers 362hp at 5,600rpm and boasts four valves per cylinder with advanced Dual VVT-i. The 6-speed Super ECT’s sequential shift control allows the driver to choose the shift range, delivering the driving control of a manual transmission. The Land Cruiser is also available in three more responsive engines: o 4.0L V6 petrol engine o 4.5L V8 twin turbo diesel engine o 4.7L V8 petrol engine

Toyota Landcruiser Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS)

Offering you the highest on-road stability and a long suspension stroke for off-road exploring, KDSS minimises body roll to car-like proportions. In off-road situations, the wheel articulation is even more impressive, improving ground coverage on a variety of different terrains. Once you have experienced KDSS, you won’t be able to resist the draw of off-roading in your Land Cruiser

Toyota Landcruiser Advanced Transmission

Toyota Land Cruiser features two transmission systems optimised for petrol and diesel engines. The 4.7L V8 petrol engine is matched with a 5-speed automatic transmission and the 4.5L V8 twin turbo diesel is matched to a 6-speed automatic transmission optimised for extra torque

II. Toyota Landcruiser Comfort: Perfection is in detail.

While Land Cruiser’s bold exterior makes a dramatic impact, its luxurious interior expresses definitive comfort.

Toyota Landcruiser Airconditioning

Toyota Landcruiser comes with world’s most advanced auto air conditioning system features four zone front to rear and right to left independent temperature control, while up to 28 outlets ensure a comfortable cabin environment for all occupants, whatever the conditions outside

Toyota Landcruiser JBL Synthesis® Premium Surround Sound System

In addition to a 6 disc capacity CD/DVD changer, Land Cruiser’s JBL system features Bluetooth® compatible phone capability and AUX and USB input terminals providing connectivity with your own portable devices and sounds. Enjoy the highest quality listening environment created by the 14 speakers optimally positioned throughout the cabin

Toyota Landcruiser Seat Configuration

Toyota Land Cruiser features three rows of seats and can carry up to eight passengers in comfort. Seating arrangements can be changed to accommodate between two and eight passengers quickly and easily, courtesy of a single latch. The third row includes retractable headrests, giving the driver enhanced visibility when they are not in use

Toyota Landcruiser Smart Entry and Push Start System

You don’t actually need to use the key to enter your Toyota Land Cruiser and start the engine. In fact, you can leave the key in your pocket or purse and the car will detect its presence. Then, you simply open the door by touch, and start the car with a push of a button

III. Toyota Landcruiser Safety: Built-in strength and trust.

Land Cruiser’s first rate and comprehensive safety features are with you all the way of your adventure, incorporating innovative technologies to assure relaxing confidence and peace of mind as they protect you and all your passengers.

Toyota Landcruiser Active Traction Control

Active Traction Control (A-TRC) controls the distribution of torque to each wheel which helps tyres retain their grip, and keep the Land Cruiser moving forward. If Land Cruiser’s sensors detect if any traction loss when starting on slippery surfaces, A-TRC steps in to automatically reduce torque to those wheels, simultaneously increasing torque to wheels that have traction. The result is that you get the momentum you need

Toyota Landcruiser Multi-terrain Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)

Among Toyota Land Cruiser’s many built in technological advances is Multi-terrain ABS which delivers hard stopping power on and off-road. A technological first for Toyota, it not only prevents the wheels from locking, it actively senses different off-road conditions such as sand, mud, gravel and dirt, and adapts to the terrain to provide optimum braking power. Coupled with EBD and Brake Assist technologies, it means that you enjoy more control, along with the sense of security that comes with knowing that, if called upon, your Land Cruiser can deliver optimal braking force to help you stop sooner and more safely

Toyota Landcruiser SRS Airbags

Toyota Landcruiser GXR model is equipped with two-stage airbags for the front passenger and driver, front seat side airbags and full length curtain airbags for coverage right back to your third row passengers. The VXR models offer ten airbags and further enhanced safety with second row side airbags as well as driver and front passenger knee airbags

Toyota Landcruiser Vehicle Stability Control

To maintain control and grip when cornering in adverse weather conditions or on loose road surfaces, Land Cruiser features Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), which controls engine torque and delivers individual braking force to any wheels that are losing traction. The result is increased stability through corners, and peace of mind on the road

IV. Toyota Landcruiser Advanced Features: The Road to Evolution Continues

Toyota Landcruiser Exclusive 60th Anniversary Edition Land Cruiser

Celebrating Toyota Land Cruiser’s 60th Anniversary, Toyota Motors Corporation has released an exciting new edition exclusively for UAE customers, acknowledging the importance of the UAE market to the manufacturer. Special features have been added to showcase a prominent, bold exterior design, bearing proof to its rugged durability and uncompromising performance. Spaciousness, impeccable quality and meticulous attention to detail are all hallmarks of the 60th Anniversary edition Land Cruiser’s cabin.

  • 1. Diamond Stitched Seats Diamond stitched leather seats add an extra touch of class to the luxurious interior.
  • 2. LED Daytime Running Lights Daytime running lights give your Land Cruiser unique aesthetic appeal, and enhance safety by increasing exterior visibility. 
  • 3. Rear Seat Entertainment The dual DVD system available with the VXRi model offers a DVD loader in each headrest, for back seat passengers to watch the same movie or different ones on their screens. Convenient extra features include USB playback and wireless headphones.
  • 4. Rear View Camera Available with the GXRi model, the rear view display appears on the inside rear view mirror only when the reverse gear is engaged. This crucial safety feature grants greater visibility in rear blind spots, preventing collisions with unseen objects. 
  • 5. Side Indicator Mirrors Wide, high positioned wing mirrors add a stylish touch, and augment driving safety when changing lanes.
  • 6. Window Shades Custom tailored window shades lend privacy, and provide added comfort for driver and passengers by reducing the cabin temperature.

Toyota Landcruiser Xtreme Edition

Unleash the beast. The Xtreme expands Toyota Land Cruiser’s performance horizons with heightened levels of versatility. Teaming up with Icelandic based company Arctic Trucks, Al-Futtaim Motors modified and launched a Special Edition Land Cruiser Xtreme to provide the ultimate off-road experience. As for personality, the Xtreme’s profile clothes its sophisticated power with a neo-sport look, which definitively proclaims its ability to effortlessly overcome any challenge. The result is an intelligently modified Land Cruiser that rules the road with consummate ease and makes for a supremely exciting off-road experience.

  • 1. Fender flares Tailor made fender flares are fitted to cover the large tyres. Made of ABS plastic, the new enlarged fender flares are shaped in vacuum moulds.
  • 2. Large tyres The introduction of large 17 inch wheels and 35 inch tyres provides outstanding off-road performance, and the appearance of floating on the surface when on sand. Cruising on the highway, its elevated position gives best in class panoramic views as you ride.
  • 3. New bump stops Heavy duty bump stops, designed to improve shock absorption when the suspension bottoms out, supplement the strength of the new suspension and ensure a smooth ride in whatever extreme off-road conditions you decide to take your Land Cruiser Xtreme.
  • 4. Side step Thoughtfully extended to match the width of the new fender flare, the modified side step also helps to protect the vehicle body from stones or sand kicked up from the wheels.
  • 5. Strong suspension Xtreme’s suspension has been lifted by 40 mm and the original front and rear shock absorbers replaced by large, specially tuned KONI absorbers to deliver an extreme dampening force. This enables the housing of increased volumes of heat absorbing oil, effectively allowing the Xtreme’s suspension to dependably retain its dampening properties in the most extreme temperatures and endure the toughest terrain off-road and hard driving on-road.

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