What Cars you can import into Jamaica

Which Vehicles You Can Import in Jamaica

An import license is required for import of most vehicles. The only exceptions are trucks lager than 3 tons, tractor heads and trailers as one can import them without an Import Licence. Further information regarding Import Licences may be obtained from the Trade Board Limited, 107 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 or 30 Market Street Montego Bay, St. James. All other vehicles must have a Import License. You can also find them online at tradeboard.gov.jm.

How old a used vehicle you can import in Jamaica

The new age limits (from the manufacturing date to the date of importation) are as follows:

  • Motor Cars – Three (3) years
  • Vans/Light Trucks – Four (4) years
  • Returning Residents – Five (5) years

Classic/Antique/Limited-Edition cars may be imported with special license from the Trade Board with the application supported by the Jamaican Classic Car Club.

Limits on Imports by Individuals and Businesses

Individual residents (both those in Jamaica and returning) may import up to two (2) motor vehicles (one motorcar and one light commerical vehicle) every three (3) years. Non-Jamaicans must show proof of immigration status such as a Work Permit.

Older cars may be imported as personal imports by returning residents if owned for at least 6 months and approved by the Trade Board.

Businesses may import unlimited amounts, as long as the veihcles are not salvaged or damaged.

Car Dealer Importer Requirements

If an importer wishes to sell a vehicle in Jamaica, they must give a warranty of 90 days. English manuals should also be provided at no additional cost.

Used car dealers are required to hold a spare parts inventory representing ten percent (10%) of their current vehicle stock with the majority being mechanical parts.

Correct Street Addresses are Required for Shipment

Please note that the U.S. Government’s Department of Homeland Security does not allow imports of vehicles for clients with just their P.O. Box address in the Caribbean.Ensure that your street address is correct when you order. Your vehicle cannot be booked for shipment without a valid street address.

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