Which vehicles you can import into Trinidad

Which Vehicles you can import into Trinidad and Tobago

  • Individuals can import 1 vehicle every 3 years.
  • Individuals must personally do everything without assistance from a Register Dealer.
  • Vehicle cannot be more than 4 years old.
  • An individual or a dealer is not allowed to import a used diesel vehicle. New diesel vehicle may be imported without any restriction
  • Must have Deregistration Certificate.
  • Deregistration Certificate must have Engine and Chassis numbers, manufacturing date and correct mileage of the imported vehicle
  • Must be structurely sound and meet enviornment standards.
  • Must have Ozone-Friendly AC.
  • Vehicle with prior registration must be roadworthy
  • When selling imported vehicles, dealers must put in government specified minimum Terms and Conditions into written sales agreement
  • Used Right Hand Drive Vehicles cannnot be imported without an import license. New diesel and petrol (Gasoline) vehicles can be imported without an import license
  • If you are importing commercial goods, you must hire a Customs Broker to fill out the required documentation.

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