Toyota Hilux Design: Seating Comfort

Toyota Hilux Design: Seating Comfort

Up front

HiLux’s front seats are separate allowing the driver and passengers to adjust their positions independently for maximum comfort and to enable the driver to sit in his ideal driving position. The stylishly designed front seats are also slim-profile, which helps free up cabin space and provide more leg-room.

To reduce fatigue on longer journeys, both the driver’s and the front passengers’ seats have ‘hip-supporting’ cushion panels.

All 4×4 SR models come with the same ‘Sports’ style front seats that are fitted in 4×4 SR5 models so not only is the vehicle extremely comfortable to drive, it also feels more dynamic.

On some manual WorkMate and some manual SR models, the front passenger seat is split 60:40 so there’s room for an extra passenger.

WorkMate seats are finished in practical, easy clean PVC while the seating trim on all SR and SR5 models is full-fabric.

At the back

In Extra-Cabs the rear seats can be lifted to reveal hidden storage beneath them. In Double-Cabs, the rear seat has hidden storage underneath and can be tipped up to create even more space.

HiLux is an incredibly versatile vehicle, offering exceptional degrees of comfort for a ute along with incredibly flexible use of space. So whether it’s being used to move cargo, crew, equipment or all three, it’s always man enough for the job.

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